Salt mines, ice cave and Eagles Nest

The close-convenient salt mines stand for the wealth of the region. The salt worlds Hallstadt, above the beautiful lake of Hallstadt, the salt mine Duernberg and also the salt mine Berchtesgaden still produce the white gold. Often you find in the mines a underground lake, which spray their charm in its completely own way.

Eagles Nest, a bulky building with its meter-thick walls, opens an overwhelming view to the visitor into the Berchtesgadener country. With natural stone of deflected tunnels 124 meters lead far by the rock massif to a splendid, brass-disguised elevator.

Into only 41 seconds this elevator drives further 124 meters into the inside of the Eagles Nest. The Eagles Nest was a project Martin Bormanns, which he made in the name of the NSDAP Adolf Hitler to its 50. birthday as present. Hitler visited the Eagles Nest however extremely rarely. The bombs of the Aliied forces in the Second World War did not met the Eagles Nest.

The Eisriesenwelt Werfen , the largest ice cave of the world, was still in 19. Jh. Known by hunters and poachers. By a Salzburger nature-vigorous was discovered 1879 the cave for approximately 200 meters and only one year later, his story became published in a magazine. However the cave came again into oblivion, until 1920 an expedition was made due to that old recordings.