Schloss Fuschl

The exquisite headland stretching out into Lake Fuschl did not remain concealed from the archbishops of nearby Salzburg for long. In 1450 they built Fuschl Castle there as their country residence where they met to hunt and regain their strength in bountiful nature to carry out their official business.

Five hundred years later, the princely residence became the setting for a queen of films: In the 1950s, Fuschl Castle doubled as Possenhofen, the birthplace of the later Empress of Austria. Here, the actress Romy Schneider, alias Sissi, experienced the happy years of her youth in the movie.

Even today, Fuschl Castle is a place to be happy, and according to Condé Nast Traveller, it is one of the 25 best resorts in Europe. However, now anyone can enjoy this refuge of relaxation, in contrast to earlier times.