Salzburg is the capital of the Land of the Federal Republic of the same name and in the vernacular also Mozart city is called, since the famous musician Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born on 27 January 1756 in the house of his parents, in the Getreidegasse.

He spent about half of his short life here (died 5. December 1791). The birth house and the living house are since many years one of the most in demand museums in the heart of Salzburg. In addition, 5 December 1996 is a special date, where the entire old part of town of Salzburg was explained of the UNESCO as the world cultural heritage.

The castle Hellbrunn with the beautiful gardens and park, the Hellbrunner avenue and the water plays draws annually thousands visitors into its spell. The castle is particularly desired in the Advend season, where it with the many candles and the festively decorated lock spread and conditions a romantic Christmas spirit.

Further objects of interest in Salzburg are the castle Mirabell with the marble hall and its world-famous garden. The cathedral to Salzburg, the old and new Residence, where the bell play is ringing twice a day. The city hall with its gilded clock, the rock riding school with the horse oversupply, are one of the finest examples of Salzburg.